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Introductory Gift Card Promotion

The $220 Gift Card (as illustrated above) is an "introductory promotion" for the services of David & Jennifer Searson trading as SEARSON.COM in New South Wales Australia ABN 16 717 615 612

If you have been given one of our gift cards, you may redeem the $220 AUD value as described on this web page below at the time that you contact us and quote the number on the card.

These terms and conditions will vary over time, and only the currently posted conditions will be honoured.

Mileage May Vary

Your ability to redeem the consultation time with David Searson, and any discounts mentioned in this promotional offer, are contingent on availablity, scheduling, and work load.

We'll pay for coffee if we meet in person. If the coffee is good, you'll get more than an hour. If it sucks, it might be cut short.

Same for the chemistry - if we like what you are trying to do, then we'll invest more time for you. If you're working an unethical business idea, then we're gone - not interested.

David may consult with you via phone, Skype, iChat, gotoMeeting, or via email or online messaging - depending on his location at the time or your location outside of the Lower North Shore of Sydney Australia. We may also at our discretion provide the time of another senior designer or web developer (either an employee, or a subcontractor) for the consultation if the circumstances dictate.

Treat this card like cash

Sounds weird, but it means exactly that - simply imagine that the card is a stack of dollar notes. Don't throw it in the trash. Don't lose it under the couch. Don't let your dog chew on it. We are not responsible for lost, nor stolen, nor imaginary cards.

We want you to exchange the gift card for real value. Even if you just want a free cup of coffee and a chat about web stuff.

Give it as a birthday present. Give it to your brother, or someone at the church or sports club, or to your dentist. They WILL aprreciate it, even if they don't need it at the moment. Tell them they can pass it on too. Let this sucker keep moving 'till it finds someone that we can help.

You cannot exchange this card for cash. It is a gift of services with a nominal cash value.

You cannot exchange this card for TAX. Australians have to pay their own GST. Our clients in other countries do not.

The value does not expire

This means that to the best of our ability, we will give the consultation and discount described, as long as we are still in business. Which of course is going to be a long while yet.

But you can only use it once

You can't ask us for a free hour and a discount every few days. We run a business and we only work for paying clients. So you cannot gather up 100 gift cards and ask for us to provide a $12,000 web site and 100 hours of free consultation time.

Yes, 100 is ridiculous. But so is 2. This is strictly an offer of one gift per customer.

You cannot combine this with any other offers or discounts. Pick the one that's of the most value to you, but only one.

Pass it on. Pay it forward.

We understand that you might not need our services. Maybe your cousin builds your web site, or you have an in-house team of geeks. That's fine. But we'd really appreciate it if you could think of someone you know who could use this offer.

Maybe your mother would like to learn how to use Facebook, or we could help her sign up for Instagram. One of our objectives for this promotion is to find out what people are looking to do online, what their pain points are, what they are struggling with, because we also build smartphone apps, web apps, and SaaS systems, and partner with tech startups around the world.

But maybe you'd just like us to come visit with you and your tech team or web geek cousin.

You acknowledge that we have limited resources

We're not MicroSoft or Facebook. Time and services and discounts offered are NOT to be considered "on demand". In some cases there may be a long delay between presentation of this card, and provision of services. That would not be a good situation, and we'll do everything to avoid it, but it is possible. If one of our key people gets sick, hit by a bus, or dies, then it could be a very very long wait.

What if you only want $60 of work done? Will you be able to get some cash? Can you present the card and get the loot in return?

Hmmm... NO ! This is a promotional offer, and it is obvious to any sane person that we are looking for long-term business relationships. People we can trust, people we can help, and people who are on our wavelength.

We definitely will provide $220 worth of value - in time spent talking with you about the problems/ projects/ possibilities that you are facing in your business, and we will give you a discount off your first project with us, if we accept it, no matter if it's a tiny task. Our minimum invoice is $200, so you'll be up for $100 no matter what. Sorry.

Not in Sydney's Lower North Shore? Iceland, maybe?

While these cards were only ever distributed by hand in Mosman, Neutral Bay, Cremorne, St Leonards, Cammeray and North Sydney - they may have ended up somewhere else.

Maybe you live in Melbourne, Mumbai, Madrid, Munich, Manchester, Matsudo, or Miami. You got email? You speak English? Yes? Then we'll honour the offer.

David & Jennifer Searson
+61 (0)403 893 567

27 July 2015

These terms and conditions may change at any time. Legal legal blah blah. You get the idea - we are here to help, we are looking for interesting new clients, and our offer is not to be abused.