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I'm based in Sydney, Australia - just on the north side of the bridge. Taught by my father, and inspired by my grandfather's carpentry, I make hand crafted pieces of all sorts.



My grandfather Gordon was a cabinet maker before he enlisted for WWI, and did roofing and framing during the depression. After 50 years, I can still smell the wood shavings in his shed.

My grandfather George also had a wonderful shed full of tools and mystery. I still use some of his old tools.

My father Bill built furniture, but really loved creating and selling custom pottery.


My first part-time business was as a handyman. I drove around fixing things, building things, and doing odd jobs for people in my local area. I had a Morris Mini with a boot full of tools.


Yeah, I have a degree in Architecture. So I understand design, structure, materials, and construction.


I spent 15 years surveying and drawing houses. And running a graphic design business. For a bunch of years, I have been involved in software design.


I love to make things like both my grandfathers did, and my father did. I'm reviving the skills, crafts, and love for hand-made items that they taught me from a very young age.


Current Projects.

These items, or variations of them, are available for purchase.

If you are looking for something like them, give me a shout... I would love to help you out with a quote.

Garden Items

This is designed to hold a potted plant. Clear drainage with slatted base. Fits any square or round pot 300mm Details

Furniture Items

This sidetable is for holding all your stuff, your phones, and other essential living room items. Details

Craft Items

This rack is for holding all your cotton threads. The racks stack nicely, but allow for easy access.


Get In Touch.

If you're looking for a custom built coffee table, or some wall art, a cutting board, or some unique corporate gifts, ask me what I can make for you.

I'm always up for a challenge!

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